IELTS | Vision Pakistan

The IELTS exam or the International English Language Testing System is one of the most important exams to scrutinize the English level for those people who wish to study or work in English speaking countries like UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Britain, New Zealand and to name a few countries. On annual basis, the test is taken by approximately 3 million people. The test system finds its establishment roots in 1980 by Cambridge English language Assessment and British Council. The sole purpose of the test incorporates application of English language at global level. The test scrutinizes the English level of two types of test takers:

*General IELTS test takers
*Academic IELTS test takers

Both the tests have same modules viz a viz Speaking, Writing, Reading and listening. Whereas IELTS Academic secures future of hundreds and thousands of students every year, the General IELTS is useful for the purpose of visit, business or employment visas.

Vision Pakistan being the torch bearer of educational development conducts frequent IELTS Preparation classes for students of all backgrounds majorly on weekends. Bearing experience of many years of quality teaching, our professional teachers ensure that quality guidance is given to students according to their caliber and score requirement.

The ACTION PLAN for IELTS classes at VISION PAKISTAN is outlined below: