Ireland has published a landmark International Education Strategy 2010-15. This is with a view to creating brand ambassadors for Ireland across countries. Ireland invests in international students.

Why Ireland ?


1- Ireland wants to take in 25,500 international students on full-time courses.

2-A statutory Code of Practice and Quality Mark is awarded to educational institutions that meet specified criteria.

3-This quality mark will be used by State bodies for visas, immigration and access to labour market and also for promotions.

4-Ireland intends to fast track degree program visas. The maximum time a student may stay in Ireland for the purpose of attending courses at degree level is limited to seven years and students are responsible for managing their studies to ensure compliance with this time limit.

5-Students at honors,  bachelors’ degree level and above will be allowed to remain in Ireland for up to one year for the purpose of gaining relevant work experience or developing a business idea.